Facebook tries to prove Instant Articles beat mobile web

One-third of all link clicks on Facebook already go to its self-hosted Instant Articles. Facebook claims they drive more referral traffic click for click because people don’t abaondon them mid-click as they do with slow-loading mobile websites. Now Facebook is teaming up with Nielsen to prove that individual publishers benefit when they post with the

12 Golden Rules For Technology Executives To Find Success Today

Technology executives have options when it comes to creating success, but ignoring change isn’t one of them. The field demands constant adaptation and analysis. The processes that work well now may not hold up seven or even three years from now. There are some overarching strategies, however, that can keep experts in front of what ever is coming next. Members

Cloud computing’s Open Container Initiative hits the 1.0 release milestone

Courtesy: Wikimedia Another light-touch cloud standards effort under the auspices of The Linux Foundation reached a milestone Wednesday, with the release of the 1.0 version of the Open Container Initiative. The Open Container Initiative sounds like an outdoor keg party, but is actually a collection of cloud-computing companies working on a common specification for container

China Disrupts WhatsApp Service in Online Clampdown

To complicate matters, the 19th Party Congress — where top leadership positions are determined — is just months away. The government puts an increased emphasis on stability in the run up to the event, which happens every five years, often leading to a tightening of internet controls. WhatsApp, which had generally avoided major disruptions in