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Technology Is Biased Too. How Do We Fix It?

Whether it’s done consciously or subconsciously, racial discrimination continues to have a serious, measurable impact on the choices our society makes about criminal justice, law enforcement, hiring and financial lending. It might be tempting, then, to feel encouraged as more and more companies and government agencies turn to seemingly dispassionate technologies for help with some

12 Golden Rules For Technology Executives To Find Success Today

Technology executives have options when it comes to creating success, but ignoring change isn’t one of them. The field demands constant adaptation and analysis. The processes that work well now may not hold up seven or even three years from now. There are some overarching strategies, however, that can keep experts in front of what ever is coming next. Members

Who’s Winning the Fight for the Best In-Car Technology?

There was a time when buyers measured the appeal of a vehicle based on such things as styling, performance or the availability of features like power windows and leather seats. But these days, shoppers are seeking out the vehicles that offer the most seamless and powerful digital technologies. Next month, BMW will launch its new

Technology Can Be A Tool, A Teacher, A Trickster

Those of my generation have seen enormous advances in speech recognition systems. In the early days, the user had to train herself to the system, exaggerating phonemes, speaking in slow staccato bursts. These days, it’s the system that trains itself to the user. The results aren’t perfect, but they’re pretty darn good. The development of

Technology giant plans mosquito invasion

Caption Close A giant technology company will release up to 20 million bacteria-filled, buzzing mosquitoes this summer in Fresno, Calif. That’s supposed to be a good thing. The bug campaign, which was to start Friday, is part of a plan by Alphabet Inc.’s Verily Life Sciences unit. Reared by machines, the male mosquitoes are infected