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JPMorgan Reports Card Loan Growth, Mobile Tech |

JPMorgan Chase posted results that helped kick off earnings season Friday morning. The firm showed traction in its loan book, mobile efforts and credit card portfolio.  The headline numbers showed the largest U.S. bank (as measured by its asset base) beat Wall Street expectations. In remarks delivered in tandem with the earnings release, CEO Jamie

San Jose State Taps Mobile Tech to Improve Student Engagement

“At San Jose State, we serve a diverse student body that includes commuters, working students, and a large graduate and international population, as well as traditional first-year students and transfers,” said Sonja Daniels, Associate Vice President for Campus Life at San Jose State University. “Our goal is to help all students, especially those who are

I challenged my colleagues to pick a cheap phone for my boyfriend

As my boyfriend’s intrepid Windows phone is nearing the end of its life (along with all Windows phones), he wanted my recommendations for a new model. I turned right around and asked my colleagues for help. I wanted to know what tech-savvy people recommend to someone outside that bubble of experience who just wants something

CTTI maps novel endpoints to accelerate mobile tech use in clinical trials – OutSourcing

The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) has released novel endpoint recommendations to catalyze mobile technology use in clinical trials. Annemarie Forrest, RN, MS, MPH, associate director of projects at CTTI said the recommendations fall into two major buckets: optimizing novel endpoint selection and approaching the novel endpoint development process practically. According to Forrest, the benefits

Ticketmaster Takes Ticketing To New Level With Mobile Tech

Venture Beat, Wednesday, July 5, 2017 2:39 PM Ticketmaster has enlisted data-over-audio startup Lisnr to admit and track attendees of live events. Combined with consumers’ smartphones, “Lisnr’s technology will be used to power attendee verification for hundreds of millions of tickets,” Venture Beat reports. “Though the rollout has already begun in some venues, Lisnr said