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Microsoft eyes buffer zone in TV airwaves for rural internet

Microsoft wants to extend broadband services to rural America by turning to a wireless technology that uses the buffer zones separating individual television channels in the airwaves. Microsoft plans to partner with rural telecommunications providers in 12 states stretching from Washington to Maine to get about 2 million rural Americans connected to high-speed internet over

The end of the internet startup – Vox

Silicon Valley is supposed to be a place where a couple of guys in a garage or a dorm room can start companies that change the world. It happened with Apple and Microsoft in the 1970s, AOL in the 1980s, Amazon, Yahoo, and Google in the 1990s, and Facebook in the 2000s. But the 2010s

How Does a Community Internet Organizer Work?

As Nucera tells us, 40 percent of Detroiters are wholly without internet access—broadband or mobile. That can have severe consequences for those residents, especially as the city continues to transform and modernize. She worries that we’re creating a “digital class system” in parallel with existing economic divides, further reinforcing the gap between haves and have-nots.

Internet regulation: is it time to rein in the tech giants?

“Enough is enough,” said Theresa May outside 10 Downing Street after the London Bridge attack last month. “When it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change.” And one of those things was the behaviour of internet firms, which should not allow extremism a place to breed. “Yet that is precisely what

Avis Budget Group’s Blueprint: Internet of Things and Connected Cars

The Internet of Things (IoT) and smart car technologies are poised to have big impacts on the auto and rental car industries, and Avis Budget Group (NASDAQ:CAR) is adapting to keep pace with the changes facing the transportation market. I had the chance to talk with the company’s chief innovation officer, Arthur Orduna, and he provided some