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Information technology: A digital genius at play

Keystone/Getty Claude Shannon in 1952 with Theseus, his electromechanical mouse, which could navigate a maze. The US mathematician and electrical engineer Claude Shannon, whose life spanned the tumultuous, technologically explosive twentieth century, is often called the father of information theory. This is no exaggeration: Shannon crafted the idea that information can be quantified independently of

Personal computer market continues to slump

[SAN FRANCISCO] Worldwide shipments of personal computers continued to slump in the recently ended quarter but showed signs of stabilising, according to figures released Wednesday by market trackers. Preliminary estimates released by Gartner indicated that 61.1 million PCs were shipped in the second quarter of this year in a 4.3 per cent decline from the

IBM Revamps Computer Network Unit Around Watson Artificial Intelligence

International Business Machines Corp. is revamping its Global Technology Services division, which helps customers run their computer networks, to rely more heavily on artificial intelligence. The new AI-capability will help IBM’s customers minimize disruptions such as server outages or switching malfunctions by predicting problems before they occur and automatically taking corrective action, such as brokering additional

Intel seen losing to Nvidia amid ‘tectonic shift’ in technology

Computing is undergoing a massive shift, and the company known for making the brains behind many of the world’s computers and servers has not shifted as fast as competitors. Jefferies equity analyst Mark Lipacis came to that conclusion Monday, reporting in a note that Intel Corp. INTC, +0.97%  stands to take a hit in its

What cloud computing really means

The “cloud” in cloud computing originated from the habit of drawing the internet as a fluffy cloud in network diagrams. No wonder the most popular meaning of cloud computing refers to running workloads over the internet remotely in a commercial provider’s data center—the so-called “public cloud” model. AWS (Amazon Web Services), Salesforce’s CRM system, and