12 Golden Rules For Technology Executives To Find Success Today

Technology executives have options when it comes to creating success, but ignoring change isn’t one of them. The field demands constant adaptation and analysis. The processes that work well now may not hold up seven or even three years from now.

There are some overarching strategies, however, that can keep experts in front of what ever is coming next. Members below from Forbes Technology Council advise the following:

Photos courtesy of the individual members.

Leading technology executives share their No. 1 rule for success.

1. Cultivate Technological Breadth And Depth

The most important thing is to cultivate technological breadth and depth across the business. You simply cannot get by being a manager of the tech team. You need to be to an internal salesperson and force of change in order to drive technology innovation. I believe the line between technology, marketing, user experience and business strategy is increasingly blurring. — Jay Gopalakrishnan, Pefin Inc

2. Embrace AI

Build and execute a strategy to incorporate artificial intelligence across their organizations. Companies that effectively leverage artificial intelligence to know and serve their customers will be the leaders of tomorrow. This is a great challenge though, far beyond technology. It also requires support throughout the organization to drive the cultural change required for success. — Pete Eppele, Zilliant

3. And Use It To Gain Competitive Insights Previously Unattainable

We are living on the verge of a new digital revolution — the one which is being driven by recent advances in AI research. Technology leaders across the world have to embrace AI-based tools to analyze data and equip their organizations with competitive insights, unattainable by “old-school” approaches. — Andrii Buvailo, Enamine Ltd

4. Innovate At The Intersection Of Multiple Trends

Tech executives need to be students of technology — not only their own and their competitors’ but of what’s happening in the broader industry. Trends develop quickly, and the best tech companies often innovate at the intersection of multiple trends. Engaging the industry with broad curiosity is critical for continued innovation. — Kieran Snyder, Textio

5. Focus On Emotional Intelligence

It is clear that emotional intelligence needs to play a bigger role in the IT space, all the way from the CTO down to the system administrator. The skills to perform a job or a task can be learned, but if the individual performing that job does not understand how to treat people both within and outside their organization, then there could be major issues that may tear the company apart. — Alex Lesser, PSSC Labs

6. Show The Value Of Sharing Data Between Organizations

Be aware of where the data lives, and beware of silos in the data. Information is power, and it can be hard to get people to share. Technology executives must show the value of sharing data between organizations and how the value of combining what they know (along with appropriate processing and visualization) is greater than keeping the data to themselves. — Jeff Catlin, Lexalytics, Inc

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